The Re-ball Competition set up by Dupont underground was to re-purpose the 650,000 translucent balls from the National Building Museum’s Beach exhibition in Washington DC and create a unique installation in the confinements of the unused Dupont underground station which was engaging and inspiring to all.

Since life began human-beings have been fascinated with the exploration of space and the universe. Early scientists and thinkers explored the universe from afar through telescopes, tracking the movement of stars and recording their locations, which make up today’s cosmos.

Imagine if we could capture a single star and bring it down to earth at human scale, so its light could ring out and its beauty and be admired up close. Imagine if we could capture a whole cluster of stars and place them in a space, which enable the common man with no formal scientific training to explore these wonders of the universe.

Asterism-3877 immerses the users in the vastness of the universe and lets them experience the complexity of space through a series of light mazes that celebrate the constellations, contain secret messages and hidden passageways.